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We have discovered that doing the cabinet boxes by hand and spraying the doors and drawer faces in our spray booth drastically reduces the overall cost and makes completion much faster.

Our system allows you to update your cabinets without worrying about removing items from the inside. 

*If the drawer faces cannot be removed from the drawer, these will need to be cleared out.

This system typically can be completed from start to finish with 2-3 business days.


Here's how it works:

  • Remove all door/drawer hardware and hinges

  • Mark each door/drawer for proper reinstallation

  • Prepare the cabinet boxes, doors, and drawers with our proprietary cleaning and no-mess sanding methods

  • Transport the doors and drawer faces to our spray booth

  • Prime with a stain-blocking shellac-based primer 

  • Paint two coats with urethane based topcoat

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